Photographed by Rotem Prifer
Photographed by Rotem Prifer
3D Render
Photographed by Rotem Prifer
Photographed by Rotem Prifer
Photographed by Rotem Prifer

Designing Your Dream.
Creating Our Vision.

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3D Renders

Because 8 out of 10 people are unable to imagine what their home or business will look like after the renovations.


Plans for the placement of furniture, demolition, electricity, lighting, plumbing, plaster, carpentry


Consultation Meeting to clarify needs and refine the vision


In-depth research to understand the business’s needs, aspirations and brand values. Characterization of the business, services and target audiences.

Shopping days

Accompaniment for purchase days and selection of materials and products in various showrooms


Supervision and management of professionals, arrival to the field and inspections

about Mika Pertsovsky

Photograph by Hagit Kikin Even-Hen


Nice to meet you. I am Mika Pertsovsky, the owner of an interior design studio for the private and commercial sectors.

From my point of view, Interior design starts from a successful planning process through an in-depth understanding of my clients’ needs. Our advanced services are based on the clients’ budget, the project’s timeframe, and the professional supervision of suppliers.

My studio provides creative solutions for the division of spaces and designs of contractor apartments, private homes, beauty clinics, offices, and more…

I believe that the design of your homes should be in perfect harmony with your lifestyle and the design of your businesses should serve you and your customers.

I have an interior design BA from HIT College, seven years in the field have trained me to adapt and understand your desires and therefore I strive for maximum adaptation to your needs and character while maintaining quality and harmony in the space.

I believe that a successful construction project fulfills your dream and that is my goal.

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We spend 87% of our time inside buildings. How they are designed really effects how we feel, how we behave. Ultimately, design is a tool to enhance our humanity.

It's a frame for life.

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