About Me

My inspiration for interior design starts from home- My mom was pregnant with me during her Aliyah Process in the ’90s, so basically, I made Aliyah before I was born.
Officially I was born and raised in Ashdod.
As a daughter of two Olim, I had to be responsible for the family arrangements, such as drafting official letters, translating, and dealing with government bureaucracy.
I drew a lot during elementary school and high school, but it didn’t stop me from being an outstanding student.
I served as a patrol officer in Rehovot’s Police Department during my Military service. However, this experience contributed quite a bit to my desire to improve people’s quality of life.
And this is from where my passion came from, studying interior design at the HIT college and creating practical and lively spaces that will contribute to pleasant, relaxing, effective and productive feelings that improve the quality of life.

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